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LAST CALL NEWS!!!!-Last Call has recorded and are mixing 3 new Songs " God can't Hear", "Battered Heroes", and "Rusted Gates". In addition To the 3 new songs.... a New Version of "All They Gave" and "Temp. Service" will be re-recorded..with some New Mosh added to both... These Songs Will be Featured on an Upcoming Split CD with Boston's CHEECH
LOOK for a Spring 2005 release!!!

n early 1997 Last Call was formed by Boonie and Ralph Renna. They started writing songs in Boonie's South Troy apartment, but they needed a band. They then hooked up with guitarist Justin King and drummer Brian Van Bramer, and eventually recruited longtime friend, bassist Ed Woodka. Last Call recorded a 5 song demo in 2000, but not released as a promo until 2002. Over 3000 copies were given away!!!

In March of 2002, Boonie and Ralph reformed Last Call with new bassist Mike Shudt, drummer Craig Hiltsley, and in July of 2003 added second guitarist Tim Macaulay. Since August of 2002, Last Call has been playing non-stop. Their first full length CD titled "The After Hours" WAS released on Victimized Records in February 2004 with a tour to follow. .Mike and Tim Have left the band As full TIME members .. they May fill in From time to time.. New Guitarist Joe Bockis and Bassist Phil Montelone Have Taken their Spots

Last Call has shared the stage with the likes of Hatebreed, Anthrax, Unearth, Madball, Leeway, Pro Pain, Crisis, Candiria, 25 Ta Life, Ringworm, Stigmata, Biohazard, Skinless, All Out War, Andrew WK and the list goes on and on. Last Call shows have been over the top and continue to grow more insane. Last Call is coming to see you, so come see them.